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Naked in public sauna

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But the narrow minded spirit that comes from being raised in a straight-laced religious Christian household is hard to dispel overnight.

Reply Cheryl Howard October 14, at Reply Sara October 7, at 8: Happen also on beach in Sweden even small children is not ok to be naked no rules but unwritten rules. Des moines milf. The sauna is a place for health and relaxation, not fashion statements.

It will only be weird for the first few minutes. Thanks and yes you need to do this and them write about it. Older Post Rounding Cape Hatteras. Naked in public sauna. I didn't embarrass myself you know what I mean despite my wandering mind. I never said that nude saunas were limited to Germany. My visit to the swimming hall was done during my free time as part of the fam trip sponsored by Tourism Finland. You do it to ease your soreness within your muscles and to give yourself a few minutes in the day where all you have to do is sit and think.

As I stood there, I noticed several open showers with both men and women in them with no curtains or doors to be closed and I could not believe that I was standing there watching them all fully nude and showering. Mom big tits shower. Once I had stripped off all my clothes, it was time to head into the pool area. Reply Cheryl Howard September 26, at 9: The locker rooms include showers and saunas.

At first, I felt a peculiar mixture of fascination and horror. He's not the only one I've seen fully dressed in the guys sauna, and Mia has similar stories from the women's. Curtains separate the shower stalls and according to Mia, you won't see a lot of boobs in the locker room, let alone full frontal. While using a private steam room means you have more leeway in what you wear to sweat, using a public steam room in a gym requires more extensive etiquette.

Reply Meg December 9, at 9: I have been a nudist since I am 13 back in Quebec. We've got a messed up sense of our own sexuality thank the Puritans I guess, and they came from Englandso anytime there's nudity involved the mind tends to wander.

Loaded with practical money saving and travel planning advice this 41 page ebook will change the way you travel. So just enjoy the experience and respect the other people in the sauna like you would want them to respect you.

Swedish people are more shy, I reackt opposite way. Opening a European style spa in the US might actually do Americans some good and encourage them to relax a bit when it comes to nudity, but it would take a long time to change this mindset unfortunately. Over her shoulder I could see her family watching and also smiling as she motioned at me to turn back around.

No lewd photos or harsh language, but we're going to talk about being naked in public.

Naked in public sauna

He works as a plumber and drinks Finnish beer from the can.

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In case there are some non-Finnish speaking people out there who are interested to see it. I think what you saw is quite unusual and not permitted in any proper sauna.

You can clearly see they are more confident to go naked than younger people of 20 — 30 years. Lindsey vonn video nude. Video of the Day. A Steam Sauna for Eczema. Naked in public sauna. The men wore at most a kind of underpants. Enjoy Berlin and Iceland. Mills went around sporting an erection in a German Spa, he would soon be asked to leave!

Best of all, it's free! The wealthiest bathers could pay for rose petals to be spread in the water. I agree with your canadian friends though.

Hi Meg, thanks for your comments and link. Reply ebe November 24, at I am quite nervous about it but after reading your post, I think I can handle it! There is a Toskana Therme, which is a complex of swimming pools and several saunas. Chubby blonde girls nude. Your funny story brings to mind an episode that happened many years ago. We just laugh off our silliness! Most saunas open later in the morning and close around Reply Ryt February 10, at 6: I was nervous the first day or two of group-showering in junior high, but after a few days it felt kind of liberating, and most of the other girls were comfortable with the nudity as well.

At the end of the medieval period in the 14th century people started to associate the public baths, and especially washing the body with water, with the spread of the plague. All the best in your future naked adventures. So cool that you were both able to partake in the naked spa experience and have fun doing so!

Reply Cheryl Howard October 3, at 2: We went out and took off the pants and went back in to another Sauna. I felt proud to have overcome my fears and accomplish my bizarre personal mission.

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You see so many people of different shapes and sizes, not to mention ages, that you soon feel comfortable. Finnish sauna culture seems almost same as German.


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