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Girls with squirting orgasms

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I find it hard to believe that it is urine because I always pee before sex and I can literally squirt back to back a seemingly unlimited amount of times however I do see how urine can definitely be mixed in as it is an uncontrollable release but no way have I ever had that much pee in my bladder.

I eat a diet high in b vitamins from brown rice and whole foods, yams, and my pee is always yellow from water soluble b vitamins but my squirt is never colored. Lesbian events los angeles 2015. Now that we have reached a new level and trust one another so completely I find myself wanting to play all day!!! The best current data comes from studies where women have abstained from coitus, and where their own urine is used as a control both pre- and post-orgasm.

It could be the devils spawn or you could be gushing lucky charms…. A selfish lover usually entails a selfish husband. Girls with squirting orgasms. September 1, at Okay, this is what I need it my life!! I have loved it and my partners too. This can readily be addressed with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which recent studies have shown is safer than was once believed. Susan when a man is with you he has an umbrealla with him along right? Researchers have now come a step closer to defining this controversial phenomenonby performing the first ultrasound scans on women who express large amounts of liquid at orgasm.

I am a 72 year old male. What else can I do? So this new paper may support the current legal position, since it shows it is essentially involuntary urination. Some women ejaculate from having their clitoris stroked, some from their G-Area palpated and others from a blend of the two. If you consistently play around with your ability to ejaculate, you will start to experience a little moisture. Desi hot nude dance. I did not quite find that information too helpful.

December 4, at 1: Our Bodies, Our Selves. September 23, at July 14, at 2: Squirting is not urine. May 29, at 9: Pretty tall — thick for an Asian female. There are some people who speculate that the process of arousal causes the kidneys to produce a very dilute urine in larger quantities than at other times. Just hold and deliver. Keep me logged in Forgot Password?

Coming from a person who has learned to control the squirting skill, has done much research, and has a story of personal experience to support the research, it is NOT urine. If you look back at what was once believed to to true and what we currently believe to be true it is shocking. Although I count myself among the lucky, not every lady is so fortunate.

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It has been confirmed both by chemical analysis and by ultrasound that the fluid that comes out during squirting is urine from the bladder.

Did this couple make any other videos. Nude photos of hannah montana. Yes the fluid that is squirted comes from the bladder but it comes from in the lining of the bladder and is not urine. It came from my vagina. Thanks to everyone here for educating me with this beautiful process for my wife!!

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December 2, at 2: November 27, at 4: Hi Christa, Some women just ejaculate more easily than others naturally. Even if some scientists consider it urine I will never think of it that way as its a major turn on for me when the woman squirts.

I was quite relaxed having flown in from a vacation and went directly to my lovers house for the evening. April 7, at 4: Recently, knowledge that these markers can be of female origin has led to acquittal based on forensic evidence.

After two weeks of all night sex, she got off but would close her legs on mestill soi taped her hands to her ankles and teased her clit with my head cock head.

Do you have any answers for me? Are other muscles, glands, valves at work? I think it is helpful to present studies like this within the context of their limitations and with the caveat that much more needs to be done before we can draw absolutes on any conclusions.

Although the fluid came from the bladder, it was not urine. Send more information about squitttttttiiiiiinnnnngggg please Thank you. I have been with my partner for 7 years, always had orgasms but never squirted.

And also, why would sexual pleasure cause the production of waste? Then she can take hold of his penis and use the tip to run back and forth across her clitoris and urethral opening. My ex wife could fill a bucket after i was done going down on her. A few small studies have suggested the milky white fluid comes from Skene glands — tiny structures that drain into the urethra.

This is speculation, but depending on how you are stopping the urge to squirt, you may be putting undue pressure on the area and not releasing the smooth muscles that control the glandular tissue. Nude japanese nurse. Girls with squirting orgasms. This can be interpreted and appears to be female ejaculation to some men and women if she is a girl that produces a lot during arousal. Only one guy has managed to make me squirt with his fingers and penis — with my help.

So many times I lose count. By the way she only squirted on the odd occasion and I never knew what caused this.

January 11, at 9:

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This would make sense considering that it is beneficial to urinate after intercourse to wash any bacteria out of the urethra to prevent UTIs.

But one day is one day: January 17, at 3: November 22, at 7: ArnavSashittal 4 years ago. Thus we find Almeda Sperry writing to Emma Goldman inabout the "rhythmic spurt of your love juices". Tollywood nude girls. Girls with squirting orgasms. As a adult sexually active male who has been on the receiving end of this phenomenon in most cases I have seen that this emission is involuntary and emotionally intense.

Stick it out together and he will make u cum if he is willing to work with u and be open. But the question is, what do women who produce squirting orgasms, and the men who want them to squirt, really get out of this? Having a orgasm is different, u feel weak after n it actually comes from the vagina. Naked lesbian porn videos Thank you for sharing your experience. January 30, at 4:


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